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A knowledgeable contributor called David Ducharme-Jones’ previous CD, A LOUD Guitar, “an original and diverse set of blues-based roots music.”  Okay, so that was me (the “knowledgeable” part can be debated at another time) in the September, 2012 issue of Blues Bytes, but a LOT of other reviewers and listeners really dug the album because it was a very creative and entertaining set with the Austin guitarist covering a lot of musical ground from blues to rock, country, and even jazz. 

On Ducharme’s latest release, Strangest Things (Blissed Out Productions), he goes the duo route with his significant other, singer/guitarist Anne Ducharme-Jones, who provided background vocals on his previous two albums, with excellent results.  The thirteen tracks, all written by the couple, are heartfelt, lyrical, and personal glances at their own lives, love, and experiences.  The songs range from driving electric rockers like “Two Satellites” and “Red Roses,” country-flavored tunes like “I Don’t Need You,” “River Runs Dry,” and “A Little Bit of Luck,” rootsy blues tunes like the title track, “Crazy Heart,” “The Girl Is Gone,” and “Beside You Now,” “Good Enough,” and soul/pop nuggets like “Of the Water,” “Wherever You Go” and  “I Was Wrong.”

If you’re familiar with David Ducharme-Jones, you’re well aware of his musicianship.  On Strangest Things, he plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and mandolin.  Anne Ducharme-Jones takes lead vocals on several tracks (“I Was Wrong,” “I Don’t Need You,” and “Crazy Heart”) and their voices blend seamlessly.  They are truly a match made in Heaven as vocalists and songwriters.  

The duo is well-supported by a core band that includes David Breaux (keyboards), David Evertson (bass), and Mark Leshner (drums), and guests Taylor Ducharme-Jones (percussion), Michael Koop (drums), Ron McRae (bass), Mike Meadows (drums/percussion), Donny Silverman (flute), and Jimmy Stevens (drums/percussion).

A strong set of original tunes, Strangest Things should satisfy any discerning fans of blues, rock, and roots, who will want to hear more from this duo after listening.



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David is originally an Iowa boy. I immediately knew where he was coming from, having cut my teeth on Midwest cover bands in my early life. He’s a comfortable chap to be around. All Midwesterners are, they are like family to me. If you grew up there you’d understand that statement. Iowa is a cold and at times unfriendly land, sporting brutal Winters, a late Spring, humid,sweltering Summers, and crisp, gorgeous Fall weather. I booked the Ducharme-Jones Band at a venue this past summer, and immediately liked the original  alt-rock/ blues-laced music  played tightly by an engaging husband and wife team of Anne and David Ducharme-Jones. They are one of the better acts in town sporting charisma that’s undeniably likable.

"Sophisticated and fiery, Dave plays with emotion and style." -Roger Allen, Sun Radio

"Ducharme-Jones showcases a mastery of guitar, a good vocal performance,
and a love for multiple genres -Sean Claes, Notes From The Cubicle

Supremely smooth six-string maneuvers, also gets gritty. - Austin Chronicle 

"Guitarist David Ducharme-Jones is no one-trick pony" - Brandon Cobb,  Austin American Statesman


“Criminally underrated, unassuming, yet packed with talent”. PoP Culture Press

"solid and melodically interesting."

"a sumptuous breadth of styles and influences." -Lonestar Music